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Multi-award winning freelance cinematographer and editor.


Tery Wilson

Cinematographer & Editor From Atlanta, Ga.

I’m a self-taught filmmaker and have been working in the film industry for about 6yrs now. I started my own production company and seriously I can’t picture myself doing anything else. I have done all kinds of work in hopes of finding my true niche and I believe filmmaking is my calling. However, just having a camera in my hands and editing is truly my passion. The art and craft of creating a motion picture using natural lighting, cameras, and sound and putting it all together in post is what makes this entire endeavor an absolute pleasure. It’s funny though, my entire life has been heavy on information technology and I wound up getting a few certifications in the field.

I’m like a Jane-of-all trades when it comes to being creative and to go from being a nerd in the IT field to just loving every aspect of filmmaking is quite interesting if you think about it. I’ve always been a creative person and doing things such as photography, editing and web designing. When people ask, I can’t explain it, I just didn’t fight it.

Not attending film school did not deter me from learning all that I need to continue to master my craft and that never stops. I’m constantly learning and practicing new ways to improve my work. Often I see images and have ideas that I would like to share with others. This is how my films come about. So here I am looking forward to what lies ahead. Here’s to the future!

My Resume


ShortFilm “Patrick Walker”

February 2015

Winner - 87th Oscars

This film is about the best advice a young man was given. Jimmy Kimmel - Press Watch Here

ShortFilm “Victimized (A Victims Eyes)”

February 2015

4th place - Elfenworks Social Justice Film Festival - 2015

Victimized aka "A Victims Eyes" is a short film centered around the family of Jarett Bradly who was gunned down by a police officer. This film gives a closer look to how family's are affected when loved ones are killed and how we cant judge a person by split second decisions. This film explores all angles of the road to forgiveness, both in forgiving others and in forgiving oneself. Watch Here

ShortFilm “Mental Warefare”

March 2014

Best Drama, Finalist - CMF

Mental Warfare is a film about Devin who is enduring war in his mind with fear. Watch Here

Shortfilm “Love, Unscripted”

February 2017

WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival - Official Selection

This film is about a young man feels betrayed when his girlfriend decides to have an abortion without informing him. Watch Here

ShortFilm “Slangin Birds”

November 2017

Grand Jury Winner Best Short Comedy - Orlando Urban Film Festival

Shortfilm “Stripe Zone”

February 2018

Winner - AAFCA 72hr Build A Film Challenge

A creative competition for young aspiring film makers to enter a film concept promoting the virtues of Historical Black Colleges and Universities. Our choice, HBCU Band life. Watch Here

ShortFilm “SEEDS”

January 2018

Official Selection - Denton Black Film Festival

A loving grandmother gets her rambunctious granddaughter ready for school and gives her knowledge on surviving in the world. Watch Here

ShortFilm “A Delicate Crest”

March 2016

Cannes Selection  - ShortFilm Corner

Campus Finalist, Elfenworks Submission, GTA Winner, Best Actor, Jury Award  - CMF

Delicate Crest is a film based on a woman who has just recently diagnosed with Huntington's Disease and is struggling with suicidal thoughts, stemming from a visit from Death Notifier. Watch Here

Shortfilm “Caretaker”

February 2015

Winner - Virgin America In-flight, Elfenworks Social Justice Film Festival Finalist - 2015

3rd place/Best Drama/Best Actor - Elfenworks Social Justice Film Festival - 2014

An untold story about Homelessness and Human Trafficking.A story of a man whose hope is all lost, but when against all odds he rises the to the chance of redemption. Watch Here

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